Barangay Mass

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Our Barangay is having a mass every last thursday of the month this will be held in Ibayo Covered Court

Barangay Sta. Cruzan

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Our Barangay Sta. Cruzan will be held on May 17, 2014


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Every friday a dance exercise will be held on Ibayo Covered Court at 6:00 am to 7:00 a.m.

See You There Kabarangays! 

I hope you'll participate.


posted Dec 15, 2009, 4:10 PM by Unknown user

The Balanga City government announced on Friday it was planning to give incentive worth P5,000.00 to first 200 tricycle drivers who are applying for conversion of their units to LPG fuel.

City Mayor Jose Enrique S. Garcia III said the program is aimed at encouraging tricycle drivers to shift from gasoline to liquified petroleum gas (LPG) as fuel to their units. Garcia admitted though that the shift from diesel or gasoline to LPG will still be governed by government regulations for safety concerns.

“Ang sa atin paghahanda lang ito,” the mayor said.

On December 21, the LPG refilling station in Balanga City will be inaugurated. The station’s facilities were donated by the Liquigaz, an LPG company based in Mariveles town.

Garcia expects that by December a good number of tricycle units shall have been converted to LPG fuel.

“Hind bababa sa 300 tricycle units ang makoconvert sa loob ng isang taon,” he said.

The use of LPG fuel in tricycle and other motor vehicles is now being propagated in Metro Manila and other parts of the country as amove to lessen pollution.


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Bataan-Two weeks after the staging of Go Negosyo here, thirty residents of this city started their own respective small business with the assistance of the Department of Labor and Employment (Dole) and the Balanga city government.

Ten ambulant vendors from this city were each given business kiosks called Nego-Karts for selling products like pizza, hamburger, fish ball, and siopao. Nego-Kart businesses included Burgeroo, Jack’s, Pizza Pinoy, and Pinoy Pao. The distribution of business kiosks to vendors here was in line with the Dole’s Nego-Kart project.

The labor department spent P150,000 for the purchase of the ten business kiosks. As its counter part for the project, on the other hand, Balanga city government shelled out P85,000 used as additional fund for the purchase of the business kiosks, trainings of vendors, and payment of the Social Security System (SSS) and PhilHealth.

Juliet Boquia, senior labor employment officer, said the Dole’s Nego-Kart project was in accordance to the agency’s 6 priority deliverable services identified in their midyear planning assessment.

She said the project will assist ambulant vendors in making their existing livelihood undertakings grow into profitable and sustainable businesses, thus, making their income level, at the very least, at par with the minimum wage earners.

Balanga City Mayor Joet Garcia said the project aims to genuinely help deserving and enterprising residents here to improve their economic condition by assisting them to venture into small-scale businesses. He said that people should be encouraged to persevere like in business undertakings in order to alleviate their living condition. He said the distribution of business kiosks to vendors came at the right time with the city had just hosted the Go Negosyo caravan.

Garcia revealed that he provided additional funds to the Dole’s Nego-Kart project to better help residents here in starting businesses. He also said the business kiosks will be temporarily located for operation at the upgraded city market.

The launching of the Nego-Kart project here was the first in Central Luzon, said Dole officials.

Another twenty residents of this city each received from Dole P 5,000 worth of merchandize for their own respective small businesses. They were the last batch of the recipients in this city of the Dole Integrated Livelihood Program. In the first two batches, 80 residents here were also each given P 5,000 worth in kind as start up for their businesses.

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