Barangay Council

Hon. Rommel M. Santos
Barangay Councilor
Trade and Industry
Business and Investment/Agriculture

Hon. Luisito B. De Leon
Environmental Protection and Solid Waste Management
Health Committee

Christopher A. Ballester

Hon. Hernan G. Ilaya
Barangay Chairman

Hon. Henry S. Alonzo
Barangay Councilor
Ways and Means
Financial Appropriations
Rules and Privileges
Good Governance Committee

Hon. Jaime D. Gonzales
Education and Sport
Youth Development and 
Culture Committee

Hon. Relita S. Villanueva
Women, Family, and Senior Citizen
Person with Disability and Children

Hon. Cesar F. Wee
Barangay Councilor
Public Works and Infrastructure
Labor and Employment
Housing and Land use
Utilities Committee

Hon. Marcelo A. Jimenez
Peace and Order
Right and Justice
Disaster Risk Reduction 
Management Committee

Josephine D. Pajares