Plans and Programs

1. Livelihood: Thru Networking  with National  and Local Government Agencies, People Organizations, Non-Government Organization, and Private Sectors, the Barangay Council thru leadership of it's Punong barangay, will encourage the participation of the community to its Livelihood Training Programs, Entrepreneurship or Small Scale Income Generating Projects.

2. Education and Training: This is a program to assist and help the poor but deserving sons and daughters of our constituents to avail Scholarship Grants, either from Government or Private Sectors. This also includes Manpower Skills Training for Out-of-School Youths, and other interested individuals, as well as Training/Seminar of all Barangay Tanods for the proper and legal performance of their assign task in the maintenance of the Peace and Order of the Barangay.

3. Health: This is to make sure that all peoples consultation and participation, Health Care Programs of the Government and the Private Sector is equally and properly disseminated and delivered. Availability of the facilities, records, tools, equipment, vaccines, medicines, and competent staff.  Setting up of programs for the maintenance of the Cleanliness and Sanitation.

4. Sports and Development: With proper guidance and assistance of the Barangay Council, the Sanggunian Kabataan, will draw plans for the Sports and Development for the Barangay, regardless of age. This include Basketball Tournament, Chess, Volleyball and other Physical Fitness and Sport Programs.

5. Environment: Aside of the program of the Barangay Council for the Protection and Conservation of the Environment, it will support and participate in the program and projects of the Government, People Organization, Non-Government Organization, and Private Sectors for the Environment such as Kontra Kalat, Alay Tanim, Clean and Green, Etc.

6. Security and Safety: Regular Patrolling of our Barangay Tanods; courteously attending to various complaints, active participation of the Lupong Tagapamayapa in Mediation Process and Peace and Order Campaign networking and direct contact with various Peace keeping Organization, like PNP and City Marshalls.  Putting up a Data Banking and Monitoring System that would be of great help as reference material for tracing the roots, whereabouts, and personal records of our constituents and migrants.

7. Women and Children: This is to strengthen the organized Barangay Council for the Protection of Women and Children to make sure that their protection and rights under the law was properly implemented. Thru networking and proper authorities, information dissemination like orientation/seminar will be conducted in the community as well as for our Barangay Tanos, Lupon Barangay Council and S.K.

8. Infrastructure: This is to look  in to infrastructure projects that will be beneficial to our constituents and tourists with regards  to their safety, security resulting to the Development of our Barangay like road projects, drainage system, training facilities, development of tourists attractions, lighting system, communication and others. 

9. Gender Sensitivity: This is all about the promotion of equal rights and protection of men, women, homosexual and heterosexual. The Barangay Council will ensure that whatever gender you are in, all we be treated equally and no discrimination at all times.